Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) utilizes acupuncture and herbs to help your pet’s body systems regain their natural balance. In holistic medicine, disease is seen as an imbalance significant enough to overwhelm the system and result in physical and emotional symptoms. Once energy is strengthened and balance restored, the animal’s natural healing processes can take over.

Before beginning treatment, the acupuncturist will usually discuss with you some aspects of your pet’s health and lifestyle. In addition to symptoms of illness, personality traits, diet and activity level are all often part of the holistic diagnostic picture. After a TCM diagnosis has been determined, treatment may begin.

Acupuncture for dogs and cats are often done in one-week intervals in the initial stages of treatment, although intervals may vary from patient-to-patient. In acute situations, the process can take time and patience is required. Often improvements in your pet’s behavior and symptoms are immediately noticeable – even while there are still energetic obstructions to work through. Over time, as the patient improves, acupuncture treatments become less frequent.


Treatment for Cancer

There are many types of cancer and many treatment options. At Holistic Veterinary Care, we work with both general practice veterinarians and oncology specialists to provide treatment alternatives for pets with cancer. In its simplest definition, cancer is an inappropriate division of cells. The cells divide continuously without regard for the normal control systems within the body. When cells divide unchecked, they cause pain and/or interruption of normal body functions.

Western medicine views cancer as a primary disease process. From the holistic perspective, cancer is a symptom that results from underlying immune dysfunction. This dysfunction may be a result of nutritional deficiencies, accumulated toxins, chronic inflammatory processes, etc. When we treat cancer using holistic principals, our goal is to detoxify, to strengthen the immune system and to provide the patient with the nutritional components needed to combat the cancerous process.

Specific protocols on treating the patient with cancer depends on the type of cancer, the overall condition of the patient and whether they are undergoing concurrent Western therapies such as chemotherapy or radiation.

Nutrition and Nutritional Supplements

The foundation of holistic cancer treatment is nutrition. If the body is not receiving the correct nutrients, the immune system will not be able to combat the cancer. While specific recommendations depend on the individual, a good general starting point is to get the pet off of all grains. Feeding a canned, grain-free or raw food diet is often of benefit. Raw food is not appropriate for all patients with all conditions, so it is best to consult with a veterinarian prior to starting a cancer patient on a raw food diet.

For the cancer patient, even the most comprehensive diet is usually not enough nutrition. These patients require higher levels of specific nutrients in order to optimize immune function. In addition, certain plant and mushroom extracts have well documented anti-cancer properties.

Acupuncture and Herbal Therapy

Acupuncture is used in cancer patients to control for pain and provide the patient with more energy. May practitioners also believe that acupuncture can help stimulate immune function. In addition to acupuncture, we often prescribe Chinese and Western herbs. Many of these herbs have been used as traditional treatments for cancer. The right combination of herbs and nutrition can have a profoundly positive effect on cancer patients.


Neoplasene® is a unique treatment for both internal and external cancers. This combination of natural plant extracts is designed to selectively induce apoptosis (cell death) in cancer cells while preserving normal cells. When used appropriately, Neoplasene® has resulted in the remission and/or elimination of cancers in animals including fibroscarcomas, squamous cell carcinomas and lymphoma. Neoplasene® is not appropriate for all animals or all types of cancer and its inappropriate use can lead to serious medical complications. This material should only be used by a trained professional. Learn more about Neoplasene® now.

Chiropractic Care

Veterinary Chiropractic is the science, art and philosophy concerned with good health through restoration and maintenance of a properly functioning neuro-musculoskeletal system, without the use of drugs or surgery.  It is a manual therapy, which can be used to improve many health and performance problems. It focuses on the biomechanical dysfunction of the spine and its effect on the entire nervous system throughout the body.

Veterinary Chiropractic treatment does not replace traditional veterinary medicine. However, it can provide additional means of diagnosis and treatment options for spinal problems, as well as biomechanical-related musculoskeletal disorders. Veterinary Chiropractic can often eliminate the source of acute or chronic pain syndromes.

Your First Chiropractic Visit


Chiropractic medicine is a form of holistic medicine. This technique treats the body as a whole rather than treating it symptomatically. At your pet’s first visit, the doctor will discuss your pet’s history, and the issues that brought you and your pet to the clinic. If you are unfamiliar with chiropractic technique, the doctor will explain how and why chiropractic works prior to your pet’s adjustments.

There are many forms and styles of chiropractic medicine. At Holistic Veterinary Care, doctors practice “the short-lever technique,” a proven, safe and effective method.

Following your pet’s adjustment, the doctor may make recommendations regarding:

  • activity level
  • nutritional changes
  • supplements

These recommendations will help your pet with post-treatment healing.

Non-Anesthetic Preventative Dentistry

The health concerns associated with long-standing periodontal disease are well documented in both animals and people. Chronic infection, pain and the potential for more widespread systemic disease are all very real possibilities in the absence of regular dental care.

The reality, however, is that preventative dental care in pets is often challenging for pet owners. Time, motivation, and lack of cooperation on the part of the pet are just some of the reasons why people find it difficult to brush their pet’s teeth. Even with periodic dental cleanings under anesthesia, the condition of pet’s teeth will deteriorate without routine preventative dental care. There just is no alternative.

Preventative Outpatient Preventative Dentistry (POPD) is a procedure in which a dog or cat’s teeth care examined, cleaned, scaled, and polished without sedation or anesthesia. The procedure is performed on pets who have been evaluated by a veterinarian and determined to be good candidates based on their dental health as well as their overall health and temperament.

This is different than the pet store or the groomer.

There are many companies offering non-anesthetic dental cleanings through pet stores, groomers, etc. These services are performed without veterinary supervision and are often only cosmetic in that they do not scale beneath the gum line. Additionally, no records of dental pathology are made during these procedures, and there are also no guidelines as to the training or skill level of the technician. Technically, the procedure is illegal according the California Veterinary Practice Act.

 Holistic Veterinary Care have partnered with Pet Dental Services (PDS), a company with 10 years of experience using POPD to help pets. Their eleven-step process provides evaluation, cleaning, documentation, and pet owner education to promote safety and efficacy. PDS is the only service whose procedures have been proven effective in a published scientific trial. For these reasons, we are proud to offer POPD to our eligible patients.

What patients are eligible?

All pets will be evaluated by one of our veterinarians prior to scheduling POPD.  In order for POPD to be the most effective, a pet’s teeth should be in “relatively” good condition to begin with.  Animals who have recently had a full dental cleaning or young pets with early signs of periodontal disease are often excellent candidates. POPD is a great tool to help keep teeth healthy and minimize the progression of periodontal disease.  While tooth brushing and home dental care is still very important, POPD is one more tool in the toolbox to help keep teeth clean.

Comprehensive Dental Care is a Process

Like most complex things in life, there is no one solution to dental health.  Ideally, pets should have their teeth brushed regularly (daily), chew on appropriate toys/treats, use approved dental care products, receive POPD at appropriate intervals, and periodically have full anesthetic dental cleanings. 

To be clear, POPD is part of a larger dental care plan.  In almost every pet, periodic anesthetic dental cleanings are necessary.  Our veterinarians will help guide you in the determination of how best to care for your pet’s teeth for a lifetime of good health.

Preventative Wellness Care

At Holistic Veterinary Care, our mission is to offer the best medical care to our patients while providing excellent service to the people who care for them. With that mission in mind, we are thrilled to announce our new Preventative Integrative Wellness Care service.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We have all heard this cliché and, in principle, we understand the meaning and truth contained therein. The question is: are you utilizing this wisdom to maximize your pet’s quality and quantity of life?

The goal of Preventative Integrative Wellness Care is to provide your pet with many different facets of medical care including Conventional Western Care and Complementary and Alternative Care options. We also provide you, the pet owner, with time, information, and counseling on strategies and medical options for how to best care for your pet at all stages of life.

Preventative Integrative Wellness Care begins with an extended 50-minute session. One of our experienced veterinarians will complete a full physical examination of your pet and then listen to and discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding their health and quality of life. During this visit, we will provide you with a life-care plan binder that includes the following:

  • Dietary recommendations
  • Vaccinations
  • Spay/ neuter information (as applicable)
  • Nutritional Supplementation
  • Conventional and Alternative care therapies for existing medical issues
  • Preventative care for at-risk breeds
  • Training
  • Pet Insurance

Our veterinarians and caring support staff are active participants in maintaining your pet’s health. By utilizing an integrative approach to health care, we are able to provide health care solutions ranging from lab work, surgery, and dentistry to acupuncture, physical rehabilitation, herbal medicine and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. We believe the completeness of care provided by our facility leads to amazing healing outcomes for your loved one! With an integrative care plan in place, we can effectively provide your pet with comprehensive health and wellness care and provide you with the peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to provide for your pet.  Now more than ever, your pet’s well-being begins here.

Rehabilitation Therapy

Rehabilitative therapy in dogs and cats is successfully used to treat a variety of medical conditions. Although rehab is commonplace for people who have arthritis or have had orthopedic/ spinal surgery, it is relatively uncommon in veterinary medicine. We are here to provide your pets with all of the advantages and opportunities they need to get back on their feet.


Rehabilitation Facility at Holistic Veterinary Care

Rehabilitation has been successfully used for pain relief, to improve strength and function, and for weight loss. Recovery times from surgery can be improved and the pet is often able to return to its prior level of functioning much more quickly and safely. In addition, therapy can improve peak performance in competitive, working, and athletic animals.

At Holistic Veterinary Care, our rehabilitation program integrates hands-on therapy, underwater treadmill, heated therapy pool, therapeutic ultrasound, TENS, whirlpool, E-stim, and cold laser therapy.

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