Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are cells within our bodies that have the ability transform into different cell types depending on what is required of them. For example, a stem cell might turn into a heart cell if the heart is damaged. It may turn into a kidney cell if there is kidney damage, etc. While we all have stem cells in our body, recent advances in science allow us to concentrate and activate these cells to stimulate regeneration of damaged tissues and organs within a patient.

In order to utilize stem cells in the treatment of disease, they must first be collected in a quick surgical procedure. Fatty tissue within the body contains a very high concentration of stem cells. A small amount of fat is collected and then processed to concentrate and activate the stem cells within. Those cells are then given back to the patient either intravenously or directly at the sight of the injury or damaged tissue. In addition to directly helping to heal tissues, stem cells have a systemic effect that decreases inflammation and mobilizes more stem cells within the body to promote healing.

Stem cell therapy is most commonly used for orthopedic conditions such as arthritis, and damaged ligaments and tendons.  There are many other potential applications still being explored such as kidney and other organ diseases, cognitive dysfunction, and the treatment of chronic inflammatory processes. 

In addition to benefiting your pet at the time the stem cells are administered, they can be banked for future use.  One collection of fat can yield four or more treatments of stem cells.  The cells can be banked and used in the future if they are needed.

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