Pulsed Signal Therapy

Pulsed Signal Therapy (PST) is a new medical treatment for small animals that effectively treats osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, degenerative joint disease, rheumatoid disease, back pain and sports-type injuries. PST significantly relieves the severity of joint pain, tenderness and swelling. It also improves mobility, allows for restful sleep and restores the activities of daily living without drugs or surgery. Studies have shown that PST offers long-term positive results.

PST consists of pulsed signals that mimic the normal healthy physiological signals transmitted by the body into the joints. This promotes the repair of damaged cells and stimulates the body’s natural repair and maintenance processes. Treatment using prescription medication often focuses on alleviating symptoms. Pulsed Signal Therapy, instead, concentrates on the root cause of the symptoms: the breakdown of cartilage and joint tissue. Pain and swelling can occur when the cartilage wears because of degenerative joint disease, overuse or injury. Pulsed Signal Therapy reproduces the bio-physically correct restoration signal and directs it into the joint. This stimulates the existing cartilage and other damaged structures to repair themselves and function more efficiently. It also accelerates the convalescent period and restores joint function.

Pets receive nine half-hour treatment sessions that take place on consecutive days. The joint or body area is positioned within the PST device, which emits the bio-physiological pulsed signal. Pulsed Signal Therapy is always administered under the prescription and supervision of a veterinarian. The goal is short- and long-term pain reduction and a return to full functionality, all while improving the pet’s quality of life.

Pulsed Signal Therapy is a non-invasive, totally painless therapeutic modality without any known or reported side effects. The overall cost of PST is comparable to that of long-term non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) such as Rimadyl®, Metacam or analgesic drug use.

PST technology was developed by biophysicist and medical doctor Richard Markoll, MD, PhD. Initial double-blind placebo-controlled clinical studies conducted on humans under the direction of the Yale University School of Medicine and published in the highly respected Journal of Rheumatology, indicate that more than 70 percent of patients treated showed a significant improvement. Clinical studies conducted around the world have confirmed the initial results. To date, more than a half million people and thousands of animals have received PST treatment at 750 clinics worldwide.

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