Assisi Pulsating Electromagnetic Field

All living beings are in essence an electrical system. Pulsating Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology is a fascinating science utilizing the body’s ability to recognize electromagnetic energy in order to stimulate healing. The Assisi PEMF device is approved by the FDA for use in humans with non-healing wounds. The energy signature produced by the device stimulates the production of nitric oxide, which through a cascade of events promotes the growth of new blood vessels (angiogenesis). When blood flow is improved to an area of injury, the result is reduced pain and inflammation as well as increased speed of tissue healing.

We use the Assisi PEMF as a targeted therapy for animals with pain due to orthopedic diseases as well as spinal and neurologic pain. It has also been successfully used in patients with neurologic impairments due to spinal compression and to help relieve the pain associated with intervertebral disc disease. The Assisi device is small and portable which makes it ideal to be used daily in a home setting.

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